Authors who wish to submit their papers should upload Portable Document Format (PDF) files to our system. (In other words, what is wanted is the file whose name extension is ".pdf".) Also note that, when you submit PDF files, make sure that all the fonts used in the file have been embedded in the file itself.

Hint: Check your distiller settings to make sure that the option "embed all fonts" is on.

If and when an article is accepted, it must then be submitted in TeX format. When you submit TeX files, pay special attention to any other files needed for compilation, such as author-created macros files, figures, and bibliography files. If used, these files should also be uploaded, at the same time as you upload your source.tex file.

Notice:  Since TeX has become the de facto lingua franca within the mathematical community, files submitted in MS-Word or any formatters other than TeX will not be accepted: any such submissions will be automatically discarded, unread.

Additional requirements for graphics files (figures): When created using a TeX graphics package (e.g., "pictex" or "xy"), figures are usually embedded in the source.tex file, and nothing further needs be done. When figures are not created using a TeX package, they should be submitted as separate EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files. Some thought must be given to the fonts used for lettering: use only Computer Modern fonts (CM fonts). Other fonts, such as Times Roman, are platform-dependent and cannot be read in settings different from the author's setting.

Additional requirements for bibliography files:  If the bibliography is not embedded in the source.tex file, please upload the corresponding bibtex file, that is to say, the file whose name ends on the suffix .bib (normally source.bib ).

File naming:  When files are uploaded to a Unix server, their names must conform to the system file-naming rules;   if not, the upload will be unsuccessful.

The name of your .tex or .pdf file may include:

Good file names:  "sayed.tex" , "IUMJ_uchimura.tex" , "english.tex" , "Euler-1.tex" .

The name of your file may not include:

Bad file names "new omega.tex" , "NS(070604).tex" , "c*alg.tex" .

How to upload the files:  There are two ways to submit a paper electronically to the IUMJ: uploading the file(s) to the IUMJ server, or emailing the file(s) as email attachments. Each option is described below:

  1. To upload your source file, sign in (or create an account) here. Once logged in, select "Upload a paper" and follow the instructions from there. You will receive an email acknowledgment that your paper was received.
  2. Authors unable to upload TeX or PDF source files for whatever the reason may write to iumj@indiana.edu and attach the paper's source file (that is, the file whose filename ends on ".tex" or ".pdf"). When corresponding with the IUMJ, please include your last name in the email subject line along with the words "New Submission"  and (if applicable) your artid number. You will receive an email that acknowledges your paper was received and processed.

Questions or concerns? Please do not hesitate to contact the IUMJ at iumj@indiana.edu.

The submission of a paper to the IUMJ implies the author's assurance that the paper has not been widely circulated, nor copyrighted, published, or submitted for publication elsewhere.  Further information on formatting TeX guidelines for the IUMJ can be found at this page.