Self-archiving policies

Authors may archive a pre-print (i.e., draft pre-refereeing). Authors may not archive a post-print (i.e., final draft post-refereeing) unless the all of the following conditions are satisfied:

Posting of Preprints

Authors may post a preprint or submission version of their article in one or more websites or repositories of their own, in their institution's repository or repositories, or in a disciplinary website or repository (such as arXiv.org), provided they include a link to the published version when the article is published.

Posting of Final Version

Authors may post the final, published version of their article in their personal website only, provided the published source is acknowledged.

Re-use for Teaching Purposes

Authors are allowed to re-use their material for educational purposes within their own institution and are not required to seek permission for such use.

Color Coding

The Indiana University Mathematics Journal is a GREEN journal in regard to policies concerning "pre-print" and "post-print" self-archiving. For more on color coding, see the SHERPA/RoMEO website.

Re-use in Own Publications

Authors may re-use their work in subsequent publications or presentations, provided the IUMJ is properly acknowledged as publisher of the source. Permission to re-use work is normally granted free-of-charge upon request. For works titled "Selected Papers", "Collected Papers" or the like, the author need not seek permission in advance.


The policies cited above conform to the "Principles of Scholarship-friendly Journal Publishing Practice" published by the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (http://www.alpsp.org/) in January of 2004.